Pre-Workout Power Stack

Pre-Workout Power Stack

The Pre-Workout Stack is a kit comprised of two of our premium quality products critical for powering up to high-intensity training : 

  • Creatine - 100% Creapure®  -  500mg, 240 Capsules
  • Inosine 500mg, 120 Capsules

Creatine - 100% Creapure® - for Athletic Performance, Healthy Aging and Longevity
(Increase ATP / Strength / Endurance Formula)

Anabol Naturals Creatine - 100% Creapure® - is of the highest quality, produced in Germany.  

Creatine is a compound found naturally in our bodies and supports energy used by the brain, heart and muscle.  In muscle tissue creatine monohydrate is converted to creatine phosphate which is an important energy source that helps power short bursts of intense muscular activity, such as in sprinting and weightlifting.

Creatine helps to maintain high levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)—an energy molecule— which maximizes physical performance and reduces exercise fatigue.  While extremely popular with athletes, Creatine may also be beneficial for people who are nutritionally deficient in protein, have conditions related to low cellular energy and those concerned with the muscle integrity of their heart.


Inosine for Athletic Performance and Power

 A metabolic activator used for pre-heavy training by world-class powerlifters, Soviet and Eastern Block strength athletes. Inosine is a purine nucleoside that enhances RNA and DNA production and increases blood oxygen-carrying capacity which promotes levels of ATP, a high-energy compound for muscle contraction. You can now sustain exertion and increase workloads dynamically.

  • Fatigue reduction   
  • Endurance   
  • Strength
  • Power

Inosine for Longevity and Healthy Aging

Inosine is a purine nucleoside that enhances cellular RNA and DNA production.  It increases blood oxygen-carrying capacity and is a precursor to adenosine (ATP), an energy molecule for muscle contraction for overall physical strength and energy.

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