L-Carnitine - 500 mg caps - 120 caps

L-Carnitine - 500 mg caps - 120 caps

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L-Carnitine - Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Crystalline Free Form 500 mg caps - 120 caps (4 months)   Wholesale Value

Product CodeL-CA28

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L-Carnitine Heart endurance

L-Carnitine is a Heart healthy product for me. Prior to taking this product I had heart skips and thumps now that I'm taking it regularly, I have more endurance and better muscle tone When I receive my current order I'll be taking four caps daily; specifically for endurance. Have a great day, Toni P.S. I'm so glad i found out about L-Carnitine from Prescription for Nutritional Healing book and Dr Mark Stengler's books.Toni Jackson (2 Feb 2011, 11:51)

ten out of five> a life saver!

Diagnosed with degenerative/neuro problems. Rejected by the insurance industry when I thought I needed them. i began reading Prescription for Nutritional Healing where Amino Balance in given many references... I had to add Tyrosine in order to continue takeing the Amino Balance as i had taken birth control pills for seven years when first married and ended up with depleted tyrosine. these two amino supplements helped alot however food allergies and sensitivities and much more got the best of me and weakness, heart palapatations, muscle waisting etc. I began taking l-Carnitine and like magic my body had the s t r e n g t h to perform its designed functions.. L-Carnitine is a real life safer, no more: heart palipataions, muscle weakness, not enough muscle tone to breathe and finally more energy to enjoy my gardening as long as i stay away from the offending foods and environmental toxins. This is almost always my first supplement in the morning, Toni It does my heart good!!!!Toni (28 May 2010, 17:08)
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