The HealthyAgingStack is a kit comprised of two of our premium quality products key for optimal health: 

  • AMINO BALANCE 240 Capsules
  • BIOBOLIC POWER LIFE 120 Capsules.


AMINO BALANCE for Healthy Aging, Athletic Performance and Body Building

AMINO  BALANCE is a foundation formula of 23 pure crystalline 100% pharmaceutical grade free form amino acids, uniquely balanced and scientifically formulated high in amino acids found in muscle tissue. The results: amazing tissue repair and growth, increased nitrogen levels and improved muscle-to-body fat ratios. 
Reduced soreness and accelerated recovery enables you more frequent and heavier training. Ideal when training for:

  • Mass
  • Recovery
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Health

For optimal health, energy, strength, recovery, definition, beautiful skin, mood and brain function and therapeutic applications.


BIOBOLIC POWER LIFE for Athletic Performance, Longevity and Healthy Aging

BIOBOLIC POWER LIFE formula incorporates major nutritional and life extension advances.  Biobolic is a consummate high potency multi-nutrient, vitamin, mineral, co-enzyme, anti-oxidant, amino acid, enzyme formulation, which includes nature’s most powerful energy building and life protecting nutrients.

  • Lipotropic fat burners
  • Anti-stress nutrients   
  • Brain & energy nutrients
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Anti-oxidants


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